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Building Portraits

Homes - Historic Buildings - Corner Stores - Garages

Since 2015 I have been actively capturing our built environment. Buildings that catch my eye. Or snippets of places. Sometimes they are historic buildings, sometimes small homes with character.  Places with distinctive style or a great placement within the natural environment. 

We have much to value and appreciate. I love honouring what is around us.  Drawing attention to...

Minis all by Kelly Southee

Building Portraits that tell stories

My 2015 exhibition 'Our Places: A Record' theme:

Highlighting the enduring spirit of character filled buildings and green spaces within our inner city suburbs.  Places that are witnessing massive urban redevelopment around them.

Paintings captured with energy to match the pace of change across our city. 

Annerley Before the Re-Roofing. 2015 by Kelly Southee

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