How big do you like your Coke when in Greenslopes?

How big do you like Coke? Small, medium, or large? Personally I prefer lemon flavoured soft drinks. But I do like Coke for its influence on a building I've admired for years!

City View General Store as it looked two years ago

In 2015 the City View General Store, at 44 Ridge Street, Greenslopes on Brisbane's southside, was getting some attention after being boarded up for decades. Like many curious locals, I peered in from a side window to see what was going on. The internal walls, doors and flooring were demolished. All that remained were some wall and ceiling panels, and a few fittings here and there. Oh, and a mini bob-cat and an excavator waiting for more action.

City View General Store interior early 2015

I wondered what was planned for this shell of a building. Was it heritage listed? Perhaps someone would rebuild the place. Pondered its fate I was mesmerised by the old shop front opposite. The classic Coke sign was backlit and glowing in the morning sun. It was virtually ablaze! I was in artistic heaven.

Inspiration comes form funny places sometimes.

I took dozens of reference photographs, and couldn't wait to interpret the scene back in my studio. The result was 'Morning Coke in Greenslopes'. Later that year it became a finalist in the 2015 Contemporary Art Awards.

Morning Coke in Greenslopes by Kelly Southee. Copyright 2015

And now, in 2017, I have teamed up with an innovative Brisbane business, to bring you your very own version of Morning Coke in either small, medium or large. Depending on how much you want to 'drink' and soak up the atmosphere of a gorgeous old building.

What am I talking about?

Well, the time has come to share the love for our heritage, our unique places, our city's places that make it so special. 'Morning Coke in Greenslopes' has been digitally captured. High quality reproductions, or prints in the old days, are ready to grace your wall, in either small, medium or large sizes.

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You can see Morning Coke in a virtual room, under WALL PREVIEW, on a green wall, a white wall, a blue wall, a yellow wall... in a cafe, a bedroom, a sitting room, a conference room...

Small is 40cm wide and 29.5cm high.

Medium is 58cm wide and 43cm high.

Large is 74cm wide and 55cm high.

Have fun exploring and consider a Coke to brighten your day!

Scroll down to see what you might find while exploring buyartnow online - a living room concept with three Coke options:


Morning Coke in Greenslopes Limited Edition Print Small



Morning Coke in Greenslopes Large Limited Edition Print

And to finish off, here is my painting in the Contemporary Art Awards exhibition catalogue with my prose

Contemporary Art Awards 2015

If you are in the neighbourhood you'll have to drive past to see what became of this store. It is good news!

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