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Family Homes - Historic Buildings - Bridges
Garages - Gardens - Streetscapes

Kelly specialises in honouring our places. She has exhibited paintings of buildings and streetscapes over the years and completes commissions for clients of their favourite buildings or homes.

All custom-made building portraits are completed on canvas with deep sides, which come ready for you to hang up.

From cherished family homes to historic buildings, old corner stores, holiday homes, corporate buildings, and personally significant dwellings - Kelly is proud to be able to highlight the treasures around us.

Minis all by Kelly Southee

"I am passionate about honouring and paying homage to our unique places.  From old homes that endure in the face of change, to glorious historic buildings, and dwellings with much character

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Scroll down for a selection of Client Testimonials

Finished Painting Cropped.jpeg

"We had the presentation lunch for our Sifu last weekend (10 Feb, Chinese New Year).  Available disciple level students and Masters gathered to celebrate Sifu’s retirement from active teaching. After 40 years with the Chinese Kung Fu Academy, Sifu Paul was presented with the painting of the Oxley Hall where he taught for nearly 20 years.  He was truly surprised and appreciative of the painting and it is already on the wall of his study next to some of his other memorabilia celebrating his martial arts career"

Adult Students who commissioned my services to create a retirement gift for their beloved instructor.

Oxley, Brisbane. February 2024

Painting on canvas: 40cm x 30cm

Chelmer Home Cropped.jpeg

We commissioned Kelly to undertake a house portrait of our family home in Chelmer prior to a chapter of living overseas - we are absolutely thrilled with the result.  Kelly has captured the magic and beauty of our Queenslander home - we love the vibrant colour palette and the way that Kelly has captured the colours of the sky and trees.  Kelly even managed to include our family dog.  The portrait is something we will treasure always as a reminder of our wonderful home and we are so grateful to Kelly for her skill and mastery!

C.Dunne. Sherwood, Brisbane
March 2022
Private Commission

Painting on canvas: 40cm x 30cm

Chelmer House.jpeg

"I had been following Kelly and her beautiful artwork online for some time.  I always wanted to get a painting done of our"little green house" before renovation, but I wasn't entirely sure what I wanted, so I always put it off!  When I finally did reach out to Kelly she made the process so easy and created a beautiful portrait of our house from an old photo.  This portrait is displayed in our living space and gets so many comments - it is such a sentimental, well-loved piece of our little family's history."

K. Wass. Chelmer, Brisbane
May 2023
Private Commission

House Portrait Larissas Grandads 63 Consort St Corinda cropped.JPG

"Hanging in our lounge room in New Zealand is a slice of my Brisbane life and family history. Kelly used individual flair to create 'art with a heart', both a skilful representation and an evocative keepsake. Thank you!"

L. Fitzsimmons, Nelson, New Zealand
August 2015
Private Commission

"This college has commissioned works by Kelly including the original monastery of the College.  This was used as our cover for the Centenary Calendar in 2016. Her works have been auctioned as part of the College's fund-raising efforts.
In 2015 the College commissioned several smaller pastels of a house in Stephens Road which has great historical significance.  These excellent pieces were presented as gifts early in 2016.
I commend to you the work of artist Kelly Southee."

Mr Ian McDonald. Principal. St Laurence's College, South Brisbane

June 2016

Corporate Commission - Centennial Celebrations

Commission Tenterfield 2022.jpeg

In 2021, we commissioned Kelly to capture my father’s home in paint. Kelly painted the house from a photo. We couldn’t have been happier with the result! Kelly was able to portray the feeling of the home beautifully (with his treasured vehicle in the background). A beautiful gift and a precious keepsake. Thank you Kelly!

D and P Quinn, Brisbane

December 2021

Private Commission - Birthday gift

“In 2015, I commissioned  Kelly to take my photograph of a wind catcher blowing in the breeze in Canada and turn it into an original artwork. Kelly was able to take the essence of the photo and create something truly magical and a beautiful reminder of my years in Canada. She used soft pastels on archival quality card, and the result is a picture full of energy and life. She is an amazing talent.”

J. Danielson, East Brisbane

October 2015

Private Commission

“I had wanted to capture my house in paint for some time when I found out that Kelly was an artist. I commissioned Kelly to paint my house, as I couldn’t think of anyone more fitting to capture the true essence of my house than someone who had lived in the very same house. Thank you Kelly for painting our beautiful Queenslander and capturing its leafy surroundings and shadows perfectly.”

J. Comerford. Brisbane

September 2015

Private Commission

Thank you so much for the time and effort taken in capturing so perfectly my son Aidan and daughter-in-law Jala’s little country house for their wedding gift from us. I love your talent for capturing the beauty in your paintings with people’s homes”

J. Fisher, Brisbane

October 2016

Private Commission

“I commissioned Kelly to paint a picture of my house and she captured it perfectly. She even included my dogs. Everyone comments how fantastic it is when they see it.”

Y. Porter, Indooroopilly, Brisbane 2013

Private Commission

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