Exhibitions in Recent Years

"As a former interior designer I am drawn to places and spaces which tell a story of change, or of better times.

Urban redevelopment often sees modest structures such as old homes and garages renovated beyond recognition or more usually demolished. As well, gardens and the ‘green’ spaces between homes are being gobbled up by townhouses and apartment buildings.

I feel compelled to honour these character-filled buildings and spaces, which might be gone ‘next year’, leaving me to wonder what was knocked down to make way for the new."

- Kelly Southee Artist

2019 'The Spring Exhibition'
with Alan Morrison
Percolator Gallery, Paddington, Brisbane, QLD
Percolator E-Invte.jpg
2017 ‘Kelly Southee: 
From New Zealand to Stanthorpe’
Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery,
Stanthorpe, The Granite Belt Region, Southern Queensland
AAA Stanthorpe Art Show Jan 2017 Screen
2015 ‘Our Places: A Record’ Buildings Exhibition
Annerley, Brisbane, Queensland
AAA Our Places Flyer front Screen Shot 2
2013 ‘Absurditrees’
Landscape Exhibition
Sprout French Café, Auchenflower, Brisbane
2014 ‘Poolside’
Landscape & Still Life Exhibition
The Pool Studio, Annerley, Brisbane
AAA Poolside flyer Screen Shot 2018-10-0
2013 ‘Playing with Food’
Still Life Exhibition
Sprout French Café, Auchenflower, Brisbane
KS_Exhibition lowres-front.jpg
KS_Exhibition lowres-back.jpg
2015 ‘Our Places – A Record’
18 to 25 July 2015
The Pool Studio, Annerley