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Annerley - Before the Re-Roofing

Updated: Jan 28

Since 2015 I have been actively capturing places that might not be here in a few years, if not a few months: old corner stores, homes, garages, and verdant backyards. Many places are being subdivided into apartments or townhouses. Yes, we need to accommodate more people; yet there is a particulate sadness in the loss of a building that was once someone's home or popular small business.

I was living in Annerley in November 2014 when a surprise hail storm ripped through several suburbs causing a massive amount of damage. And one by one homes and businesses across our area were being transformed. Old iron roof tops with their patina of age were disappearing. I decided to capture a gorgeous old home on the corner of Junction Terrace and Ipswich Road, with its lovely chimney and window hoods.

Annerley - Before the Re-Roofing is a beautiful tribute to the old, in vibrant colour and energetic style.

January 28, 2024 Update: This painting is now sold. Thank you to the lovely buyer who purchased this and Morning Coke in Greenslopes.


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