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What Was There?

Updated: May 21

Are you a bit perplexed when a building disappears?

I am! And sometimes I find it hard to recall the form of the building that was demolished or removed from its site. Eeek! I may have passed it dozens of times over the years. Then suddenly it isn't there and I think "Why can't I remember?". I also feel a tad guilty for not admiring what's around me quite enough.

This realisation has prompted me, since 2015, to record places that I admire: including old garages, corner stores and homes.

Garage Glamour

Sexton St, Tarragindi

Soft Pastel on Archival Card. Framed under glass.

44cm wide x 54cm high

Was $320

Now $180

As land becomes more precious and the need to build up and out becomes more urgent we see the little places disappear. Yes, I could be described as a ridiculous romantic. But those places were a part of our fabric.

Like Garage Glamour in Tarragindi. A pair of house entry doors graced its front. I wonder where they came from? The garage had that classic 1940's steep roof pitch typical of the suburb. It was a classic! I captured it in an energetic style in soft pastel on archival card. Then a year later it was gone.

And poor old Yeronga Slice. A painting whose title was partly a nod to the famous local bakery not too far away, but more importantly to the fact that the 100-year-old Queenslander home was being cut down the middle to be taken away. It was being removed from its large corner block to make way for 3 story townhouses. I rocked up to take reference photos as one half was already mounted onto the semi truck to be freighted away; the other half on blocks looking rather forlorn. The side verandahs were already removed to the left and right. It's a sight we see quite often in this part of the world. Recycling at its finest perhaps? But also a stirring up of the suburb's character.

Yeronga Slice

School Road Yeronga

Soft Pastel on Archival Card. Framed under glass.

44cm wide x 54cm high

Was $320

Now $180

For years I dreamt of converting the former City View General Store into an art gallery and studio. With its stunning Art Deco facade it reminded me of Napier - a New Zealand city where I spent part of my youth.

The building's awning which stretched from the building's facade to the curb had been removed years earlier after a truck ran into it. Looking vulnerable and unloved, it was finally SOLD after being boarded up for some time. I captured this moment before what was to come next?

City View Sold

Soft Pastel on Archival Card. Framed under glass

60cm wide x 74cm high

Was $450

Now $220

I am now offering these paintings for sale at reduced prices. Sadly they must leave my stable as I have downsized and no longer have space to admire them on my walls.

Purchase/pick up is direct from my studio 15 to 20 min east of Brisbane City.

Please contact me to discuss.


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