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Miniature Tributes to Our Places

Updated: Jan 28

Two problems I have as an artist:

  1. I see so much that I'd like to paint, so many inspiring scenes, but alas I don't have enough time to capture as much as I'd like to.

  2. The scenes which do become finished artworks then sit in corners of my home and studio, awaiting exhibition. Some paintings are big, others are medium in size. I often get them framed. And the result? They take up a lot of room.

The solution I have found!

  • In order to capture a goodly chunk of the places I most admire (and to not end up buried in paintings) I decided to start working in a smaller format. About six years ago I developed a new style, to bring the energy conveyed in my larger works to a reduced scale.

  • My minis were born! Six years on and I am still happily engrossed. The smallest are 10cm x 10cm. I paint on deep sided canvases which are wrapped around timber stretcher frames. Each painting is ready to be hung on a wall when finished. No farming is needed.

  • My mini tributes have helped me to process more of what I see and appreciate: paying homage to homes, historic buildings, gardens, bridges, and structures that are soon to be demolished or removed as our suburbs are redeveloped.

  • I have a lovely series for sale. Here are their stories below!

  • Each can be collected from my studio 20 min from Brisbane City, or freighted at an additional cost.

  • Let me know which is your favourite!

Southey Street, Salisbury.

Acrylic & Ink on canvas. 22.5 x 28cm. By Kelly Southee

$160.00 Framed in shadowbox frame 5.5cm deep

Post-war 1950's homes on large parcels of land are being demolished across Brisbane to make way for two homes, townhouses, or apartments. So - admire the greenery! The vibrant spaces around a dwelling! It won't last.


West End Stunner.

Acrylic & Ink on canvas. 18 x 18cm. By Kelly Southee


Framed in shadowbox frame 5.5cm deep

This home has fascinated me for a while. It's no longer occupied. Some of it's stumps not longer support the house. But it sits on a big inner city block of land. I have painted it a few times. Will it be here next year? Lucrative land! West End is five minutes south of Brisbane CBD. A lived in this diverse suburb in the 1990's. Love to return. But it has changed so much with high rise apartment complexes spring up in recent years. The resultant traffic is a gripe. But the extra cafes and bars to services the new influx of residents are also a good thing. Pros and cons with every thing I guess.


Under William Jolly Bridge

Acrylic & Ink on canvas. 10 x 10cm. By Kelly Southee



Urban hard edged structures are softened by the beauty of sunlight and shadows especially early or late in the day. William Jolly Bridge has great curved and angles forms. It was one of my first memories of moving to Queensland as a child. The arches on the road deck! Maybe that's my next inspration.


Goodwill Bridge 4pm View

Acrylic & Ink on canvas. 15 x 15cm. By Kelly Southee



Bridges really are cool things. When crossing on foot you get that feeling of being over and above. Of having the space phsyicallly and mentally to stop and to admire. The city skyline is changing almost as quickly as the cloud formations I sometimes think!


Lovely Lillian Avenue

Acrylic & Ink on canvas. 15 x 15cm. By Kelly Southee



I lived in Salisbury for four years recently. One of the main streets, Lillian Avenue, runs east-west along the highest point in the suburb. It's a lovely spot. Original Queenslander homes with old frangipani trees, and other styles such as Spanish Mission and English Tudor revival can be spotted on a stroll. Enjoy a sunset walk along this avenue when you can!


Bents Road Cottage, Ballandean

Acrylic & Ink on canvas. 18.5 x 18.5cm. By Kelly Southee


Framed in shadowbox frame 5.5cm deep

I have visited the Granite Belt region many times over the years. Always a great mix of friendly local's hospitality, yummy food and wine, and stunning scenery to explore in the national parks close to Stanthorpe and Ballandean.

I noticed this perfectly symmetrical cottage on one trip. And captured it back in my studio from reference photos. The hint of rolling hills beyond and crisp clear winter sky. Take me back there!


Art Deco Stanthorpe

Acrylic & Ink on canvas. 18.5 x 18.5cm. By Kelly Southee


Framed in shadowbox frame 5.5cm deep

Quart Pot Cottage is one of Stanthorpe's most distinctive homes. An art deco delight with a facade that is a real treat for the eyes. I couldn't resist capturing a snippet of it on a mini.


1950's Sunset with Cosmos

Acrylic & Ink on canvas. 14 x 14cm. By Kelly Southee



I love an afternoon walk. Watching the quality of the sunlight change over familiar scenes. It really can be the small things that make a day great. Admiring a single flower. A grand tree. A tended garden. A nicely painted house. Or a run down fence with character. Afternoon light transforms it all.


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