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Morning Coke in Greenslopes

Updated: Jan 28

Since 2015 I have been actively capturing places that might not be here in a few years, if not a few months: old corner stores, homes, garages, and verdant backyards. Places that are disappearing to make way for apartments and 'infill development'. Yes, we need to accommodate more people yet there is a particulate sadness in the loss of a building that was once someone's home or small local business.

City View General Store as it looked two years ago

In early 2015 I noticed that City View General Store, in Greenslopes, was being peeled open after years sitting dormant. Like many curious locals, I peered in from a side window to take a look. The internal walls, doors and flooring had been demolished. All that remained were external walls, ceiling panels, and a few fittings here and there. Oh, and a mini bob-cat and excavator waiting for more action.

City View General Store interior early 2015

I wondered what was planned for this shell of a building. Was it heritage listed? I suspect so with its Art Deco facade. Perhaps someone would rebuild the place? As I pondered its fate I was mesmerised by the old shopfront glazing. The classic Coke sign was super bright and glowing in the morning sun. It was virtually ablaze! It was artistic heaven.

Inspiration comes from funny places...

I took dozens of reference photographs, and couldn't wait to interpret the scene back in my studio. I completed three paintings of the building from different angles, and chose the title "Morning Coke in Greenslopes" for this scene - yes, it is tongue in cheek. But why not!

Later that year I was honoured that 'Morning Coke in Greenslopes' was chosen as a finalist in the 2015 Contemporary Art Awards.

Contemporary Art Awards 2015

2015 Contemporary Art Awards exhibition catalogue

If you are in the neighbourhood you'll have to drive passed to see what has became of this former corner store. It is good news! It was restored and is now a business. Albeit not a food one.

Morning Coke in Greenslopes with its sister scene - Junction Terrace Annerley.

January 28th 2024 Update: Both paintings are now sold. I thank my lovely buyer.


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