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Too Good in Toohey

Updated: Jan 28

I love walking in the forest. Who doesn't I suppose! There has been much written about the power of nature to heal and to help recuperate. Shinrin-Yoku. Look it up.

Toohey Forest is right on my door step. It is a sanctuary surrounded by suburban development and borders the busy M1 motorway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Even though it sounds less than idyllic, it is a great place to spend time. To take in the sounds and textures and scents. I was lucky enough to join fellow artist Alan Morrison on a painting and sketching sojourn recently. One of many more to come. Winter is the perfect time to create art in this corner of the world. We are planning an art exhibition in spring. Watch this space!

Artist Alan Morrison painting en plein air
Toohey Forest art


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