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What's in the Shed?

Updated: Jan 22

Extract from The Pool Studio Newsletter. Issue 4. September 2015

When we cross the Tasman for annual holidays to New Zealand my children are always fascinated to see what’s in their Kiwi Grandad’s shed. My father is a retired builder and he constructed his shed with added space for my brother’s two prized Chrysler Chargers. I’ve always thought of sketching inside but never had a chance. Until recently…

August 7, 2015: The day after my Dad’s 74th birthday

I stared out in awe at a rare winter sight – a morning with clear skies and full sun. It was a crisp 8 to 10°, but I was rugged up with my outdoor cold weather clothing on from bushwalking days. As I set up my easel on the grass my father commented that rain was on its way. I though he was joking. But he wasn’t. I sketched quickly!

Southerly Storm Approaching. Kelly Southee. 2015

Within minutes a nasty Southerly front rolled in, bringing heavy rain and greyness. I retreated into the shed. Scanning my new surroundings I got to work. Not woodwork like my father, but pastel artwork. As it turned out the shed offered a huge array of inspiration.

In Dad's Shed. Kelly Southee. 2015

I decided to capture two views of my brother’s white Charger, and one of a bookshelf under construction. All whilst rain hit the roof and the chill air seeped under the doors. I kept going until my hands seized up. I’ve never packed up so quickly to make a hasty retreat into the house and the heater!

Sketching the Charger. Kelly Southee. 2015

So when you complain that the weather is not conducive to sketching or painting… No excuses! Find a shed or a space with a view of personal significance and get to work, or play!

Ryan's Charger. Kelly Southee. 2015
Ryan's Charger 2. Kelly Southee. 2015
Dad's Workshop. Kelly Southee. 2015

I hope you enjoyed this extract from my 2015 newsletter. I love creating art that tells stories of homes, places and people.


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